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ATERAzienda Territoriale per l'Edilizia Residenziale (Italian: Territorial Body for Residential Construction)
ATERAssociazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna (Italian: Emilia Romagna Theatrical Association: Modena, Italy)
ATERAttaché Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche
ATERAutomatic Testing, Evaluation & Reporting
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ater were dissected at the time of hatching to show the ventral pedal nerves.
But Ater and Olin found that such opportunities were few and far between in 2003.
He'd obviously used the number to clone another A3, because a week l ater my pal got the first of a blizzard of speeding and parking tickets.
The idea, then, is to suggest both the historical situatedness of early modern self-representations and possible connections to those of earlier and l ater periods.
represent all components of ATER that are independent of value would include all but the last term above in equation 15 which captures the effect on cash flow of the adjusted basis at the time of sale.
Greeley estimates in the June 26 SCIENCE that volcanism could have acconted for the equivalent of a ater layer 46 meters deep over the entire planet.
Mary Rol Ater, wife of Magol said her husband has been arrested since March 3, 2016 by state government without charges.
beaucoup moins que] Hakma-dz [beaucoup plus grand que], organisateur evenementiel, et le studio photos [beaucoup moins que] On The Road Photographe [beaucoup plus grand que] organisent, depuis le 15 novembre dernier et jusqu'au 22 novembre, a Bir El Ater, dans la wilaya de Tebessa, une expo-vente de photos.
Ater working in the catering industry Emmanuel-Jones enrolled on a training scheme which led to him working on the BBC television series Food and Drink.