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ATERMAir Terminal
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0 includes standard SMTP mail, FTP and terminal emulation APIs, as well as new ATERM, WinCGI VBX, OLE Custom control (OCX) tools, and royalty-free DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries), for developing advanced network applications.
The custom ATERM applications enable PC users to view information from the UNIX host as if it were a Windows-based application on their PC.
0 includes SMTP mail, FTP and terminal emulation APIs as well as leading-edge ATERM, WinCGI, VBX APIs and OLE Custom control (OCX) tools.
NEWT-SDK offers a highly advanced set of APIs including WinCGI, VBX and ATERM and free DLLs for facilitating the distribution of custom applications across the intranet without additional cost.
ATERM Assurance provides a lump sum if death occurs within the term of the contract, for example 25 years.
ATERM assurance pays out a lump sum if you die during the term (the number of years) of cover, hence the name.