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ABFTAmerican Board of Forensic Toxicology
ABFTAtlantic Bluefin Tuna
ABFTAlgorithm-Based Fault Tolerance
ABFTAmy Biehl Foundation Trust (South Africa)
ABFTAbaft (naval terminology)
ABFTAssociation of British Fire Trades (UK)
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2000) found that tracked North Atlantic bluefin tuna also traveled on the warm side of surface fronts and that offshore movements were generally associated with offshore warming of deep basins.
Current estimates of spawning biomass for Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) remain controversial (Butterworth and Punt, 1993; Restrepo et al.
On its agenda is Monaco's proposal to have a complete ban on the international commercial trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna.
Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) are widely distributed throughout the Atlantic Ocean and have attracted valuable commercial and recreational fisheries in the western North Atlantic during the latter half of the twentieth century.
In the western Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic bluefin tuna (ABT), Thunnus thynnus thynnus, is distributed from Labrador to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.
Attempts at resource enhancement of Atlantic bluefin tuna: present status on, and future prospects for, a Japanese-Moroccan co-operative project for aquaculture of Atlantic bluefin tuna.
The University of Maines research on the fisheries in the Northwest Atlantic helps us to better understand the condition of Atlantic bluefin tuna and protect this vital resource, Senator Collins and King said.
The figure does not include black market sales of Atlantic bluefin tuna, which would push up the total catch of the fish even higher, Pew warned.
BARBATE, Spain: The season for an ancient and spectacular tuna-fishing technique has begun off Spain's southwest coast, and fishermen fear it could soon disappear if fleets of factory ships elsewhere keep overfishing prized Atlantic bluefin tuna.
Commercial species such as Atlantic bluefin tuna and dusky groupers were also among those found to be endangered, the assessment revealed.
Tagging of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus, Off the Coast of
According to many marine biologists, Atlantic bluefin tuna, one of three closely related bluefin tuna species, are in danger of going extinct within a decade if the governments of the world can't come together to ban catching and/or selling the lucrative species.
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