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The Navy and other agencies of the national government should, however, be aware for planning purposes that the cause of the vanishing ice is poorly understood, the thaw may very well be of short duration, and it may be due entirely to natural resonances in the atmosphere-ocean system.
Global circulation models (GCMs) of the atmosphere-ocean system typically have horizontal spatial discretization of hundreds of miles (kilometers).
We are now working with climatologists to improve the warm pool surface layer's mathematic representation in the global, coupled atmosphere-ocean models currently used for long term climate prediction.
net with the BBC Climate Change Experiment, ran simulations using a complex atmosphere-ocean climate model.
Using those cyclones, Emanuel crafted a coupled atmosphere-ocean model to estimate the net ocean heating generated by all 67 storms.
Such a program is under way at CSIRO Atmospheric Research, where our Mark 2 coupled atmosphere-ocean model has been used to reveal a number of previously unknown aspects of the climate of the Southern Hemisphere.
Washington, Oct 15 (ANI): A new atmosphere-ocean climate modeling study has shown that the planet's temperature ultimately depends on the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide and not only on water vapor and clouds.
Including such oceans would multiply the required computer hours 50 times, so no one has run a double carbon dioxide simulation to completion with a coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM, Schlesinger says.
Radiocarbon in the atmosphere is regulated largely by ocean circulation, which controls the sequestration of CO2 in the deep sea through atmosphere-ocean carbon exchange.
What's more, Broecker thinks theearth's atmosphere-ocean system is far more complicated than what is currently modeled in computers.