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ATRIAnkerberg Theological Research Institute (Chattanooga, TN)
ATRIAlliance for Transportation Research Institute
ATRIAquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute
ATRIAdvanced Technology and Research Institute (Japan)
ATRIAdvanced Thermonomics Research Initiative
ATRIAquatic and Terrestrial Resources Inventory (Wisconsin)
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The number one spot on the ATRI list this year is the Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta, GA, a five-level stack interchange at the intersection of I-285 and I-85.
MC has been working to strengthen supply-chains for its living essentials businesses in an effort to meet that demand and has been in partnership with Alfa Group in Indonesia since 2011, developing food manufacturing businesses for products such as bread and biscuits, through Atri Pasifik.
Murray told the group that ATRI is guided by its Research Advisory Committee, which defines what they believe to be the most important issues confronting the trucking industry.
Rami Mheisen, the CEO of Retail Group Jordan, the franchise partner through which Gap Jordan is operated, presented Atri with the cheque.
Even though there are no aliens (yet) to test the protocol on, a message that can be deciphered across cultural boundaries is a good start, Atri says in the paper.
The Freight Performance Measures (FPM) initiative, which ATRI and FHWA designed and tested over a period of 5 years, uses position data from the trucking industry to calculate changes in travel times and speeds on more than 321,900 kilometers (200,000 miles) of roadway.
This method has low specificity and low sensitivity," said ACRIN principal investigator for the trial, Mostafa Atri, M.
In their search for Iranian Ahmad Chalabis, the neoconservatives have been looking to Abbas Fakhravar, who falsely presents himself as a leader of Iranian students; Akbar Atri, an Iranian member of the Committee on the Present Danger; and Rob Sobhani, who has connections to Iran's monarchists.
Worcestershire wicketkeeper James Pipe watches and waits as Loughborough batsman Vikram Atri plays a cautious forward stroke
Atri was seized while working in a municipal cultural centre.
In this analysis, ATRI investigated the impact that excluding non-preventable crashes would have on motor carrier CSA Crash Indicator BASIC measures.
m-ii hand pump, platform and drain including operation and maintenance for 5-years under mukyamantri chapakal yojna 2015-16 in block- atri and neemchak bathani under p.