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AOTGLAttack of the Grey Lantern (band)
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The single was produced by legendary Liverpudlian Ronnie Stone - the man behind Mansun's hit album Attack of The Grey Lantern.
Thanks to their most famous album Attack of the Grey Lantern most people recognise the band's name, but Dominic himself can happily pop down to the local supermarket without being pestered for autographs.
Introductory single I Can Only Disappoint U comfortably made last weekend's top 10 and the album should certainly cement the success of their first two collections, Attack Of The Grey Lantern and Six.
Six, only their second long-player, is full of disjointed pieces, a Tom `Dr Who' narrative and contains little to remind you of the excellent Attack Of The Grey Lantern.
Last year their debut album Attack Of The Grey Lantern entered he charts at No 1 and in October they're embarking on their biggest UK tour to date, following the release on September 7 of their second album Six.
Their first album - Attack Of The Grey Lantern - saw them rocket into the top flight of British music.
The EP is their first new stuff since the release of their debut album, Attack of the Grey Lantern.
Backed by an impressive lightshow, the band's hits including Taxloss and Stripper Vicar from LP Attack Of The Grey Lantern lacked substance.
Mansun's follow-up to their number one debut album, Attack Of The Grey Lantern, is already being tipped to hit the top spot.
If you caught Mansun at T in the Park last year or checked out their debut album, Attack of the Grey Lantern, you'll know they learned well.
The teenage girl followed the band - whose album Attack Of The Grey Lantern topped the chart - to a club as they toured Japan.
The English rockers have called in Scotland's top underground DJs to re- work the acclaimed song Tax Loss, from Mansun's No 1 album, Attack of the Grey Lantern.