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ARPSAdvanced Regional Prediction System
ARPSAuction Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAdjustable Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAssociate of the Royal Photographic Society
ARPSAverage Revenue Per Subscriber
ARPSAdvanced Radar Processing System
ARPSAlcohol Related Problems Survey
ARPSAdvanced Radioisotope Power Systems
ARPSAssociation of Railway Preservation Societies
ARPSArmy Reserve Pre-Positioned Sets
ARPSASMIS Retrieval and Processing System
ARPSAcoustic Range Prediction System
ARPSAugmented Real-Time Processing System
ARPSAutomated Records Processing System
ARPSAsteroids and Remote Planets Section (British Astronomical Association)
ARPSAtmospheric Research Program Staff (EPA)
ARPSAmherst Receiver Processor System
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Initial growth of the auction rate preferred stock market was so rapid that the total dollar value of new auction rate issues exceeded the amount of convertible preferred stock and fixed rate preferred issued in 1987 (Houston and Houston |6~).
The issue is important because it reflects on whether auction rate preferred stock is a viable financial innovation that enhances the completeness of the market, or whether it more closely resembles a "speculative balloon" slated for virtual extinction.
Because of their short maturities and money-market characteristics, auction rate preferred stocks offer the lowest yields--roughly 2 percent to 3 percent.