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AGAttorney General
AGAktiengesellschaft (German: Stock Corporation)
AGAccountant General
AgArgentum (silver)
AGAgent General
AGAutomotive Group
AGAssembly of God Church
AGAbove Ground
AGAge Group
AGAssemblies of God
AGAll Good
AGAmerican Girl
AGAccess Gateway
AGAction Group
AGAntigua and Barbuda
AGAl Gore
AGAmtsgericht (German district court)
AGAuditor General (Canada)
AGArbeitsgruppe (German: Working Group)
AGAnything Goes (Guns N' Roses song)
AGAargau (Swiss canton)
AGAuftraggeber (German: contractee)
AGAssemblée Générale (French: General Assembly)
AGAlgebraic Geometry (branch of pure mathematics)
AGAbout good (coin collectin, grade)
AGAcid Gas
AGAccess Grid
AGAnalysis Group (CEOS)
AGAcapulco Gold (marijuana strain)
AGAmerican Greetings Corporation
AGArroyo Grande (California)
AGAustralia Group
AGAdjutant General
AGAssistance Group
AGAddicting Games
AGAli G (TV show)
AGAnnual Gathering (Mensa's annual national convention)
AGApplication Gateway
AGArgovie (Swiss Canton)
AGAll Grain (home brewing)
AGAbout Good (numismatics; worst condition of ordinary coin)
AGActivity Group
AGArabian Gulf
AGAmy Grant (recording artist)
AGAssurances Générales (Belgian Insurance Company)
AGAnother Girl (Beatles song)
AGArtes Gráficas (Guatemala)
AGApplication Generator
AGAuthors Guild
AGAccess Group
AGArmed Guard
AGAstronomische Gesellschaft
AGArmy Group
AGAustralian Geographic (magazine)
AGAutorità Giudiziaria (Italian: Judicial Authority)
AGAnion Gap
AGAssociated Grocers (New England)
AGAccess Granted
AGAcademically Gifted
AGAgrigento, Sicilia (Italian province)
AGArt Guild
AGArthur Guinness
AGAdministrator General
AGAdrenaline Gamer
AGAttribute Group (GDMO)
AGAttogram (10 E^-18, one quintillionth)
AGAttack Group
AGAccess Grant
AGArresting Gear
AGAerographer's Mate (USN Rating)
AGArtificial Gravity
AGAgent Group (Sprint)
AGAnestesia General (Spanish, French: general anesthesia)
AGAlbert Gore Jr. (former US vice president)
AGAlternating Gradient
AGAntenna Group
AGAccredited Genealogist
AGAirlift Group
AGAssistance Groups
AGAddress Generator
AGAndean Group
AGArea Governor
AGAdjutant General's Corps
AGAdministrative Guide
AGAmbiguously Gay
AGAuxiliary Generator
AGAgriculture Glossary
AGAttitude Gyro (NASA)
AGAkademija za Glasbo (Music Academy; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
AGArmy Guidance
AGAl Greenspan (Federal Reserve Board chairman)
AGAuxiliary Graph (optical network)
AGAdjacency Graph
AGArray Gain
AGAlexander Graham Middle School (Charlotte, NC)
AGAdaptive Graphics
AGAttack Guidance
AGAnthony Gancarski (American journalist)
AGAnimo Grato (Latin: with a grateful mind, epigraphy)
AGAlbright Green (band from Washington, DC)
AGAsistencia Global (Guatemala insurance agency)
AGÁceros de Guatemala (Guatemala, steel industry)
AGAceros de Guatemala (Guatemala)
AGApocalypse Gaming (video game community)
AGAnderson and Gill (Reliability Model)
AGAssociated Geosciences (Calgary, AB, Canada)
AGAltitude Gauge
AGAlter Guild
AGAgens Gratiam (Latin: Thankful, epigraphy)
AGAravind Ghosh
AGAll Guide Inc. (Korea)
AGAlphabet Goddess
AGAdvocate General (various nations)
AGAdrian Gonzalez (baseball player)
AGAlchemy Gothic
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Before the P2P revolution, more specifically before the advent of KaZaa and Audiogalaxy (the first P2P applications to include sharing of other formats besides mp3, unlike Napster), a language teacher had to physically be in the target country, spending time and energy videotaping music videos and TV shows from regular TV broadcasts.
While it solves the current legal headache for Audiogalaxy, it raises questions over its future and that of other free file-sharing sites.
By the time you read this Audiogalaxy, KaZaA, Gnutella, BearShare, and Morpheus may have been shut down.
Users of popular Napster replacement Audiogalaxy have found that Gator is installed by default, unless they choose the 'custom installation'.
Audiogalaxy, the second most popular file-sharing application, had 978,000 unique visitors in May 2001, up 78 percent from March 2001, the first month it was reportable.
Rhapsody is also distributed to consumers through co-branded versions of the service by Audiogalaxy, Best Buy, Cablevision Systems Corporation's Optimum Online(R), Charter Communications, Comcast, Down Beat, Gateway, JamBase.
com, a software aggregation site operated by CNET Networks, the Audiogalaxy software has been downloaded at least 30 million times.
Instead, it's the shady tactics of other sites and free software programs such as AudioGalaxy that piggy-back its searches.
Cyber bootlegging services such as Napster and Audiogalaxy have also created a climate where consumers now expect to get music for nothing more than the price of a local phone call.
Music fans are downloading rogue software that allows users to swap music files through online services KaZaA, Morpheus Music City and Audiogalaxy, to name a few, at a rate of more than three million per week.
In 2001, Audiogalaxy soared to become one of the largest entertainment sites on the net with over 30 million registered users (the P2P service was later shut down due to a RIAA settlement).
A record 3 billion files changed hands over the remaining free services (FastTrack, AudioGalaxy, iMesh, LimeWire and Gnutella) last month, taking the number of downloads to 15 million over the summer.