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AVTAsociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Association; Spain)
AVTAutonomous Vehicle Team (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology
AVTAnti-Viral Therapy
AVTAudio Video Transport
AVTActive Voice Technology
AVTAttribute Value Template
AVTAppliance Virtual Target
AVTAnalog Video Tuner
AVTAmbient Vibration Testing (civil engineering)
AVTAllied Vision Technologies (est. 1989)
AVTAudio Video Technology (various organizations)
AVTAdvisory Visiting Teacher (Australia)
AVTAudiovisual Translation
AVTAdult Vocational Training
AVTAssistive Voting Technology (Canada)
AVTAudio/Visual Transport
AVTAdvanced Vehicle Technologies
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AVTAvailable Time
AVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuto Volume Transfer
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAdaptive Visualization Technology (DVTel/OmniVee Ltd.)
AVTArchitecture Verification Test
AVTAir Velocity Transducer
AVTApplication Virtual Terminal
AVTAviation Medicine Technician
AVTAutomatic Vessel Tracking
AVTAudio/Visual Tutorial
AVTAudio-Visual Terminal (WorldCom)
AVTAppendage Vector Table
AVTArginine Vastocin
AVTAudio Vidéo Transmission (French: Audio Video Transmission; Livry-Gargan, France)
AVTAutomated Verification Testing
AVTApplied Voice Technologies Ltd.
AVTApplication Vertical Test program
AVTAutomatic Vertical Tabulation
AVTArmored Veritech Fighter (Macross)
AVTApollo Validation Test
AVTAnti-Viral Toolkit
AVTAir-Vibrating Table
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test (electronics)
AVTAd Valorem Tariff
AVTArchitecture Ville et Territoire (French: Architecture and City Planning; Avignon, France)
AVTArtisan, Village and Tiny (Industries)
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The effects of this process are even stronger in audiovisual translation rather than in text translation due to the medium's wider audiences and the fact that social and cultural differences allow translated texts to reach people who have less cultural instruments to protect themselves from such interferences.
The second factor, the three different audiovisual translation modes, was studied as a between-subjects factor.
The digital revolution: DVD technology and the possibilities for audiovisual translation.
Dr Amal al-Malki, dean, CHSS, said,"This collaboration falls within the remit of the college to actively engage with the local industry, in this case the film industry, and promote the importance of audiovisual translation, and translation and interpreting in general.
However, in the Audiovisual Translation (AVT) market, professional experiences in MT and PE are limited (Volk et al.
Editors Bogucki and Deckert present students, academics, and researchers with a collection of academic articles and scholarly essays investigating the developing genre of audiovisual translation and the technological advances and interdisciplinary research stimulating its growth.
Some other areas where the cultural turn is vindicated are interpretation studies, translation pedagogy, and audiovisual translation.
Audiovisual translation across Europe; an ever-changing landscape.
During the session, institutional representatives will shed light on its programmes, including its MA programmes in Digital Humanities and Societies, Women, Society and Development, Translation Studies, and Audiovisual Translation.
Audiovisual Translation (AVT) Studies have been enjoying a flourishing period since the mid-1990s.
During the session, institutional representatives will shed light on its programmes, including its MA programmes in digital humanities and societies; women, society and development; translation studies; and audiovisual translation.
Graduating Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation student, Om Elmomenine Cheibani from Mauritius, resumed her educational journey 13 years after gaining her bachelor's degree.