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AUWAAudubon's Warbler (Dendroica coronata , bird species)
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Similarly, the prealternate molt and spring migration in the Audubon's Warbler were generally considered to overlap in March and April (Bent 1953), but the literature is apparently silent regarding the location(s) where this might occur.
Of the Yellow-rumped Warblers, birds from the Audubon's Warbler subspecies group accounted for 52% (822), those from the Myrtle Warbler subspecies group accounted for 45% (702), and 3% (53) showed characteristics of both subspecies groups and were judged to be hybrids.
The majority of the birds undergoing prealternate molt were males, and the percent of molting birds that were males was comparable in the 2 subspecies groups: Audubon's Warbler = 71%, Myrtle Warbler = 79%.