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AUMAAdult Use of Marijuana Act (California)
AUMAAusstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss (Berlin, Germany)
AUMAAlberta Urban Municipal Association (Canada)
AUMAAssociation of Urban Municipalities of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
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AUMA has always advocated for a collaborative partnership to address climate change.
I went to the hospital and requested if my son could be given the vaccination that he missed but the nurse in charge told me that the vaccines were not enough and that if all the mothers would request the same, then no child would get the current vaccination," says Auma.
Similar to AUMA, there is also considerable variation between the populations of legal types.
While AUMA doesn't require a similar distribution system for its proposed recreational marijuana industry, cannabis business interests on both sides of the MMRSA debate have serious misgivings about legalization efforts this year.
In combination with stricter California Medical Association rules for enforcement, MMRSA effectively moves medical marijuana therapy from the wholistic plant to a pharmaceutical derivative, one that must follow an AUMA or American Pharmaceutical Association mode of delivery.
The assemblies will be manufactured at Incap's factory at Tumkur, India, and delivered to AUMA factory in Bangalore.
Commenting on the strength of the Auma brand, Hopkins said: "Auma has a strong reputation for its modular electric actuation technology that gives customers true flexibility in their automation systems.
Okpako went on to make three feature-length films, including the recent The Education of Auma Obama (Die Geschichte der Auma Obama) (2009-11), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 9, 2011, and inspired the interview included below.
The President attended a West Ham game at Upton Park in 2003 during a private visit to his half-sister Auma.
Ian Manners, 55, was married to Mr Obama's half-sister Auma, with whom he has a daughter, and remains close.
Ann Auma, a 20-year-old mother of one, is one such woman.
When Barack's family came over for our wedding in 1997 - I married his halfsister Auma - he left my stag do early, when the stripper came out.