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AusAIDAustralian Agency for International Development
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During the first five-year phase of the project, RTI experts will work with AusAID to develop the capacity of Indonesian research organizations in the areas of health, education, and poverty reduction, with additional areas possible over time.
We are proud to be selected by AusAID to implement the first phase of this very important program," said Aaron Williams, executive vice president of RTI's International Development Group.
Partnering with GSMA and AusAID ensures that the program is deeply responsive to the hopes, dreams, and needs of poor women around the world.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in October 2010, the GSMA mWomen Programme is funded by AusAID, USAID, GSMA and Visa Inc.
Albos, the schools division of Zamboanga del Sur was allocated the biggest fund assistance with P6,311,000 from GAA, and P2,500,000 from AusAID, followed by Zamboanga del Norte with P5,845,000 (GAA) and P2,400,000 (AusAID).
Defending the nearly $1 million paid by AusAid for Flugge's eight months work in Iraq, Howard said: I will tell you why we sought his involvement.
Darryl Hockey, aptly placed as the former AWB manager of government relations, was in Iraq on the AusAid payroll in 2004.
Since 1997, AusAID has assisted with over $30 million for runway maintenance at major national airports.
Engagement between AusAID and The Asia Foundation has increased significantly in recent years.
The goal of the partnership is to deepen and expand the strategies of AusAID, The Asia Foundation, and the international community to deliver aid and security in regions where the pace of development has fallen dramatically, especially where conditions have deteriorated.
Partners: Ministry of Steel, Government of India; AusAid