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AUSLANAustralian Sign Language
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This project was commissioned by the National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service (NABS) in Australia (ii), which was responsible for providing sign language interpreters for private medical appointments throughout the country.
Designing a mobile video game to help young deaf children learn Auslan.
55) Drawing from this statistic, the researchers questioned whether Auslan should be used as the primary sign language for instruction in all individual cases.
Real data are messy': Considering cross-linguistic analysis of constituent ordering in Auslan, VGT, and ISL.
In addition to these spoken languages, Auslan (Australian sign language) is used by more people in Casey (127 users) than in any other municipality in the state, while Monash ranks third in Melbourne for the size of its Auslan population (87) and Greater Dandenong is ranked eleventh, with 53 users.
In Hurst and Devlin v Education Queensland (2005), the Federal Court held that a profoundly deaf student had been denied the same educational opportunities as other students because he had not been offered the Auslan program.
The Auslan data is a multivariate dataset with which we can't apply the clustering algorithm directly.
Johnston's native language is Auslan and it was he who coined this word from Australian sign language, which was accepted in 1991 as a community language in the National Policy on Languages, creating far greater education opportunities for Deaf people.
A surprise in the group that reported on hearing impairment was the absence of any discussion of the Deaf community or the possibilities offered by the existence of Auslan (Australian sign language).