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AUSTRADEAustralian Trade Commission
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A training initiative, commissioned by Austrade, will see Booths staff learning via podcasts.
Australia Week 2005 led to more than $5million in confirmed trade outcomes from Austrade clients, ranging from new joint ventures, fashion sales, record deals and food sales.
Austrade has installed the Steelhead appliances in approximately half of its offices, including Sydney, Canberra, and all of the Americas (USA, Canada and South America), with the remainder expected to be deployed by June 2008.
Austrade in association with YES BANK will work with India's food processing and agricultural sectors in the following areas:
Pure Commerce has a unique service that no local Korean company has an alternative to offer in Korea," said Martin Walsh, senior trade commissioner for Austrade in Seoul.
Marija Ivanova, Marion Tynan adn Elizabeth Hayter from Austrade.
Austrade research shows that only 25,000 Australian businesses export -- just 4% of the firms in the country, a proportion slightly ahead of the United States, but below Canada, Spain and Norway.
G'Day USA: Australia Week is produced by the LA & NYC offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tourism Australia, Qantas Airways and Austrade.
In a 2008 diary entry, the witness recorded that a consultant employed in Asia by Australia's overseas trade agency Austrade told him that to win contracts Securency needed to hire someone to bribe officials or "to pass white envelopes for you".
Austrade expects American palates to be excited by the new flavors, textures and variations, all exemplary of the organic quality and irresistible panache of Aussie style.
Australia's lead government export agency, Austrade announced that the revaluation of Malaysia's exchange rate, the Ringgit, in July would increase the overall competitiveness of Australian exports.