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AUSTRALISAMS for Ultra Sensitive Trace Element And Isotope Studies
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The Fund will be managed by Australis Partners (Advisors) LLC, a Chile- and New York-based fund manager established in 2014 by the former Latin America team of CVCI.
Beach appeared on maps of the time, notably those of Petrus Plancius of 1590 and 1594 and that of Jan Huygen van Linschoten of 1596, as the northernmost part of the southern continent, the Terra Australis, along with Locach (Figs.
The Australis is tailored specifically to the climate, conditions and remote area flight operations that pilots in Australia regularly experience.
The Australis has been precisely configured and designed with features specific to the needs of the Australian pilot.
MAT titers > 100, which are suggestive of more specific antibodies to Leptospira, were observed for all serogroups except Australis and Sejroe.
The helicopter transferred the passengers directly into the Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis, which is now on its way home.
The first group of passengers off the trapped Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalski, airlifted to P&O Maritime Services Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis
A DP World spokesman said the Aurora Australis, which had a "major role in the operation", was still on site, in open water with another rescue ship now in possible distress.
Several attempts to break through to the ship by sea - by the Xue Long, Aurora Australis and French-flagged L'Astrolabe - failed because of the thickness of the ice.
Reuter (1904) described three species of Phylinae from Australia as part of his larger effort to describe and produce a classification for the world Miridae: Leptidolon vittipenne Reuter, Psallus eximius Reuter, and Sthenarus australis Reuter.
A GREAT way to add a tropical look and feel to the garden, Cordyline australis 'Red Star' - the cabbage palm - will produce exotic sword-like red foliage all year round.