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AuAuris Uterque (Latin: each ear)
AuAutomated Underwriter
AuAuthentication Unification (Sprint)
AuAvionics Upper (panel)
AuAnställningsutskottet (Swedish: Employment Committee)
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ON Wednesday the NBS team launched their new tool, the NBS Online Viewer powered by Autodesk Forge at Autodesk University in London.
1 -- Autodesk University India 2016, the annual flagship event from Autodesk, was organised today on the 1st September, 2016.
Both ASCENT and 4D have provided free access to their content onsite at Autodesk University for a number of years, but cramming at the last minute while attending an eventful conference is not ideal, says Paul Burden, director of product development, ASCENT.
When we visited the Autodesk University Program as speakers, we got introduced to the 3D technology when they printed an iPhone cover in front of the audience.
Construction software specialist Autodesk has announced that it is to host its third Autodesk University Extension day in Dubai on 17 December.
Omnix International, the leading distributor of Autodesk design software in the UAE, is set to host the third edition of Autodesk University Extension (AUx) Dubai, the region's premier learning and networking event.
third annual Autodesk University Extension (AUx) Dubai event, to bring together
His recent visit to Mumbai to host Autodesk University India & SAARC 2014 gave him an opportunity to meet Indian companies.
The beta version was presented during Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco and at Autodesk University.
com)-- This year at Autodesk University, Autodesk will launch a new Expert Elite Program.
IMAGINiT technical trainers maintain software certifications such as Autodesk's Implementation Certified Expert status and are often some of the most highly-rated presenters at industry conferences such as Autodesk University.
Now you can rent a supercomputer for 1 second," said Brian Matthews, vp of Audesk Labs at last November's Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas.