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AUTAuckland University of Technology
AUTAssociation of University Teachers
AUTAutomotive Technology
AUTAutomorphism (mathematics)
AUTAutoroute (Canada Post road designation)
AUTAmirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran)
AUTApplication Under Test
AUTAutorisation d'Usage à des Fins Thérapeutiques (French: Authorization of Use for Therapeutic Purposes; World Anti-Doping Agency)
AUTAntenna Under Test
AUTAction Unreal Tournament
AUTAssociation des Usagers des Transports (French: Transport Users Association)
AUTAuthorised Unit Trust (UK)
AUTAdvanced Unit Training
AUTAbrams Upgrade Tank
AUTAuxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AUTAutomated Ultrasonic Test
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By studying the holomorphic structure of automorphic inverse property quasigroups and loops[AIPQ and (AIPL)] and cross inverse property quasigroups and loops[CIPQ and (CIPL)], it is established that the holomorph of a loop is a Smarandache; AIPL, CIPL, Kloop, Bruck-loop or Kikkawa-loop if and only if its Smarandache automorphism group is trivial and the loop is itself is a Smarandache; AIPL, CIPL, K-loop, Bruck-loop or Kikkawa-loop.
Keywords Automorphism group; Surface; Map; Smarandache geometries; Map geometries; Classification.
As the intertwining operator V is an automorphism of E(R), it follows by (4) that
H],*) is called a first Smarandache automorphism inverse property loop ([S.
If G is an automorphism of G let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] where [[sigma].
To remedy this problem, we use torus automorphism to scramble all of the embedded blocks.
It should be noted that, since each [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a partial automorphism the ideals s E are supposed to be closed and two-sided by definition, and it is known that each closed ideal in a [C.
The topics include the void in hydro ontology, a method for re-engineering a thesaurus into an ontology, interactive semantic feedback for intuitive ontology authoring, axiomatizing change-of-state words, and using partial automorphism to design process ontologies.
Let Aut(D, [direct sum]) be the automorphism group of the grupoid (D, [direct sum]).
Define [alpha] : S [right arrow] S by a((a, b)) = (b, a), then [alpha] is an automorphism of S.
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