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ANXAdventrx Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA)
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange (AIAG)
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange
ANXAutomatic Number Identification
ANXAdvanced Network Exchange
ANXAssign NNXX Routing (US DoD)
ANXAscending Node Crossing (satellites)
ANXAnnex Records
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NTT provides the Japanese Automotive Network Exchange (JNX), a centralized network connecting hundreds of partners to some of the largest automobile manufacturers in Japan.
The new IPSX units support the Korean Automotive Network Exchange (KNX), the automotive extranet that connects Korea's largest car manufacturers to over 600 partners and suppliers.
Until now, the Automotive Network eXchange (ANX) subscriber base has been limited to mostly automakers and Tier I suppliers, mainly because the costs involved have been too high for the sub-tier suppliers.
DST, a subsidiary of Utah's Zions First National Bank, provides certification services to the financial services industry through the American Bankers Association's ABAecom network, to the automotive industry through the Automotive Network Exchange (said to be the world's largest virtual private network) and to multiple industries through the Entrust Worldwide secure network.
Advance decided to connect to the Automotive Network Exchange (ANX), a TCP/IP network service developed and supported by a consortium of all major automobile manufacturers based in North America.
One of the major drivers has been the Automotive Network exchange (ANX), a VPN extranet for competitors in the automotive industry.
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