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AUVAction Utility Vehicle
AUVAutonomous Underwater Vehicle
AUVAutonomous Unmanned Vehicle
AUVAverage Unit Volume
AUVAcoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration
AUVAccumulation Unit Value
AUVAmerican University of Vietnam (Vietnam)
AUVAsian Utility Vehicle
AUVAstronomska Udruga Vidulini (Croatia)
AUVAnnualized Unit Volume
AUVAnti-Unity Value
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Folaga: A low-cost autonomous underwater vehicle combining glider and AUV capabilities, Ocean Engineering, Vol.
Key words: diagnostic system, navigation sensors, observer, robust, feedback, autonomous underwater vehicle
The UK's deepest diving autonomous underwater vehicle, Autosub6000, has passed its engineering trials.
The Icelandic advanced autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) solutions developer Hafmynd hf announced on Monday (8 January) the sale of two GAVIA underwater vehicles to two undisclosed military buyers.
The autonomous underwater vehicle, stuffed to its gills with scientific instruments, motors steadily through the frigid, sunless sea.
affiliate, announced Friday that they will launch an autonomous underwater vehicle untethered by control cables, for business use.
A new lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle that can be kept in a rucksack is nearly ready for the production line, according to General Dynamics executives.
The North American region dominates the global remotely operated vehicle (ROV) & autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) market in 2015, and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020.
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Bluefin-21 had searched some 850 square km of ocean floor in an area some 1,600 km off the coast of Western Australia.
The prediction coincided with the end to the abbreviated first mission by the Bluefin-21 autonomous underwater vehicle six hours into what was meant to be a 16-hour operation on Monday after it exceeded its 4.
A The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, a US Navy probe equipped with side-scan sonar, was again deployed last night from Australian navy ship Ocean Shield to map the ocean floor.
The search is now relying on the US Navy's sophisticated Blue-fin 21 autonomous underwater vehicle, which is set to search the ocean floor for wreckage some 4.
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