AVAIAno de Vida Ajustado por Incapacidade (Portuguese: disability adjusted life years)
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The task was simple, Avai had to at least match Figueirense's result against Fluminense to stay up.
u) beside more comprehensible avai, avaci, oyi, eyi, uya, etc.
Need -- to s --, big mo -- is invo --, although t -- authors ad -- that reli -- figures a -- not avai --.
Les Eglises protestantes continuerent a assister les pauvres de leurs paroisses mais l'essentiel de l'assistance specialisee, en particulier tout travail d'assistance necessitant la construction d'etablissements, allait dorenavant etre administre par des comites de laics qui regroupaient les diverses confessions protestantes et qui avai ent mis sur pied des oeuvres privees a cette fin.
Accessories for the plastics testing equipment, such as safety guards, compression fixtures to convert the systems for compression testing, compression cages and compression fixtures, and melt-flow indexers, are avai lable.
Compromises had to be made, with the overall objective held paramount for a useful and reliable finished product to be made avai lable to the most people possible.
Since there is a lack of avai lable experimental data for [beta] vs.
Sun Microsystems products are avai lable worldwide direct from Sun and through Sun's traditional sales channels.
First, computationally tractable econometric procedures to estimate a triple selection model are not yet available in the literature, and second, the data on the worker's choice between different job offers are not avai lable in the NLSY.
Averages do not compensate for failures to resolve cause and effect questions, determination of economic changes that affect specific time periods, or a failure to deal with avai lable facts.
Parts can be generated automatically (and are, in fact, available for purchase from the publisher), which accounts for the increasing number of performance parts that are becoming avai lable across all the Recent Researches series.