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AVARSAircraft Vertical Acceleration Reporting System
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Demanding that the Avars return to their lands north of the river, Comentiolus asks the Chagan to "show greater respect to this Roman territory of ours" (Theophylact Simocatta50; English translation from Whitby and Whitby 27).
We are all out of our depth in such matters--the sources being so exiguous-but it seems here that Pritsak has simplified somewhat: both the Avar kaganate and the (first) Bulgarian kingdom were very important in shaping the Kyivan state.
The siege of Thessalonica by Sclavenes and Avars was definitely not an event of major importance.
Goths, Visigoths, Huns, Avars and assorted other ill-groomed barbarians wore beards and ultimately defeated the Romans.
Su poblacion, de 2 millones de habitantes, esta integrada por 200 mil rusos y un mosaico de 30 etnias distintas, entre las cuales destacan la de los darguines, que tienen el poder, y la de los avars, mas numerosa, que disputa sus prerrogativas a los darguines.
The most complex animated character was the hero Flik, who alone had more than 700 avars, or automation controls.
An old soldier had told Notker when he was a boy about Charlemagne's campaigns in the middle Danube against the Avars.
I wrote Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic to ask him whether it was really possible that at the end of the 20th century, that the Serbs, our Orthodox brothers, would accomplish what neither the Huns nor the Avars, the Mongols nor the Tatars, the Turks nor the unbelieving communists could accomplish, namely the annihilation of the Catholic population on this territory.
It is interesting for the account it gives of the death of Justinian and his successor's accession and of the embassy of the Avars.
At the same time, Asian invaders called Avars swept through the Balkans.