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AVAdult Video
AVAnalog Video
AVAvenue (ESRI ARCview Scripting Language)
AVAccess Violation
AVAdded Value
AVAlternative Vote (UK politics; election method)
AVAltaVista (search engine)
AVAir Vehicle
AVAperture Value
AVAortic Valve
AVAnti-Virus Vendor
AVArcView (ESRI software)
AVAliso Viejo (California)
AVAd Valorem (tax)
AVAlterac Valley (World of Warcraft gaming)
AVAeroVironment, Inc (Monrovia, CA)
AVAlgemene Vergadering (Dutch: General Assembly; Netherlands)
AVAll Views
AVActive Voice
AVAir Valve
AVArmored Vehicle
AVAmerigo Vespucci
AVAlta Verapaz (Guatemala, territorial division)
AVAssurance Vieillesse (French: Pension Insurance)
AVAero Vodochody (Czech Republic)
AVArtificial Vagina
AVApproval Voting (election voting systems)
AVAviation Maintenance Technician (USN Rating)
AVAerospace Vehicle
AVAction Verb
AVAbsolute Virtue (Final Fantasy XI gaming)
AVAccess Verification (Sprint)
AVAirborne Virus
AVAutomatic Voice Network
AVAerial Victory
AVAllocation Vector
AVAuxiliary Vector
AVAmes Waltzer
AVAfrican Views (Hoboken, NJ)
AVAbrasion Value (engineering/geology)
AVAttack/Vertical (military aircraft designation)
AVAir Variant (simulation model for ground warfare)
AVArchitecture Verification
AVAssault Vertical
AVAvionics Verification
AVAufenthaltsvertrag (treaty concerning foreign forces in Germany, 1954)
AVAirspace Viewing
AVAutovoice (IRC)
AVAssessable Value
AVAttribute-Value (Cisco)
AVAsociación de Vecinos (Spanish: Neighbors Association)
AVAssessed Value
AVAsset Value
AVAvellino, Campania (Italian province)
AvAvestan (linguistics)
AVAvianca (Aerovias del Continente Americano) Colombian Airline
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AVAsset Visibility
AVArtificial Vision
AVAuthorized Version (same as King James Version) of the Bible
AVAuto Vent
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Like the Avestan cult, Vedic ritual was also aniconic.
Avestan is committed to attaining measurable and sustainable results by providing full-service procurement solutions to SME at a fraction of the cost of large service providers.
Also Russian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Avestan vardsa- 'hair' are derived from the same Indo-European root, and their exact cognate is Sanskrit valsa- branch, bough' (Vasmer 1953-1958 s.
In a spin-off from his recent translation of the Old Avestan texts for The Hymns of Zoroaster (London 2010) West systematically examines the syntax, word order, and stylistic features in the texts, the only examples of written Old Avestan discovered to date, indeed named for the Zend Avesta.
The first of the four sections, entitled "From Oral Composition to the Writing Down of the Avestan Texts," begins with a new paper by P.
It is not now possible to determine whether they were part of the Avestan canon of Sasanian times (p.
personal names such as Avestan Kasupitu-, Vedic Kasu-, etc.
Old Avestan is widely agreed to attest a variety of adjectives and nouns that optionally or obligatorily display "verbal" government of accusative case "objects"; the same phenomenon (superficially, at least) is found also in other old Indo-Iranian and Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit, Old Persian, Germanic, Latin, and Ancient Greek.
of thematic stems (-ad as -a'ad), to which could be added the more systematic preservations in Avestan, should serve as the model for laryngeal loss in Germanic and Baltic.
Thus, for instance, the name Derbikkai is so well attested, not only in Ptolemy 6, 10, 2, but also in Stephanus of Byzantium, and as Derbikes in Ktesias (Photius) and Strabo (11, 11, 8), that it is difficult to take Dribyces/Dribices of Pliny (who is notoriosly careless with foreign names) as a better reading and therefore connect it with Avestan dri/Sika (p.
A particular pitfall for the unwary is the citing of previously assumed meanings especially of Avestan words that are no longer accepted.
Chapter two, "The Iranians and Their Literature," discusses the time and space for the orally composed and transmitted Avestan corpus.