AWZAlles was Zählt (German: All that Matters; German soap opera)
AWZAhwaz, Iran (airport code)
AWZAdministratie Waterwegen en Zeewezen (Dutch: Waterways and Marine Affairs Administration; Belgium)
AWZAutomobilwerk Zwickau (German: Zwickau Automobile Factory; Zwickau, Germany)
AWZAllgemeine Wohnbaugenossenschaft Zug (German: General Residential Building Cooperative Train)
AWZA War Zone (online gaming clan)
AwZAdvanced Warfarz (online gaming clan)
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After leaving IBM, Zollar founded AWZ Tech LLC, a business advisory firm and is currently the managing partner at the firm.
AWZ Cellular, is dedicated to providing customers with premium wireless telecommunications services.
AWZ Squad member Myra Jodie, 13, introduced the President with a speech detailing how she won an iMac computer from the San Jose website, but didn't have a telephone line for dial-up service to the Internet.
After Myra won the iMac, AWZ campaigned to make the public aware that many Indian reservations had very little access to telephones.
AWZ published stories and posted an online email petition to Federal Communications Commission Chair William Kennard on the site.
AWZ teen members now have access to free Internet service all over the country with local dialup numbers.
It hurts both the users and the medium," said Tapan Joshi, president of AWZ.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Adults seem to have made up their mind that 18-year-old diva Britney Spears is growing up a little too fast, but teens are far less judgmental about her, according to an online survey of 14,000 by AWZ.
Teens seem to be protective of their own, especially when attacked by what they see as the adult world," said AWZ.
Our new headquarters is in the heart of Silicon Valley," said Tapan Joshi, CEO of AWZ.