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AWAIRA Workplace Accident & Injury Reduction (program)
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Local residents told IRIN, however, that Houthi rebels stormed a local village in an effort to set up a guerrilla training camp in Bani Awair.
Last month AWAir reportedly ended up cancelling the maiden flight to Singapore because CAAS, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, rejected its application for landing rights.
The AWAIR approach follows what is known as a Job Safety Analysis, or JSA.
Awair, a discount airline based in Jakarta, is to launch services to Singapore on 19 January.
AWAir had to transfer nearly 300 passengers to another airline after Singapore authorities said it would take at least several days for the documents to be approved.
Awair International, after lying idle for around two years, resumed operation toward the end of 2004.
Malaysian low cost carrier AirAsia is set to launch an Indonesian airline as early as January 2005 after buying a 49% stake in the struggling Indonesian carrier PT AWAir.
Abdul Naseer said acquisition of Awair, established by former President Abdurrachman Wahid and Eachmat Subakir before it was wholly taken over by new owners, will take over in mid November.
AirAsia, the Malaysia-based low-cost carrier, has said that it is to buy a stake in the Indonesian airline PT AWAir which has not operated since 2002.
One example is Awair International which has collapsed along with a number of other airline companies.
PT Awair International will temporarily suspend its commercial flight operations, from 8 March 2002.
AWAIR was forced to suspend operation recently and planned to resume operation only in June.