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AWMIAssociation of Women in the Metal Industries
AWMIAnterior Wall Myocardial Infarction
AWMIAndrew Wommack Ministries, Inc (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
AWMiAbnormal Wall Motion Index (cardiology)
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I know how important organizations like AWMI are to further promote opportunities for women in the metals industry," said Hall.
Accordingly, says AWMI, you should not participate in any conversation with a competitor concerning the following topics: present or future prices of goods, including formulas for computing prices, discounts, or credit terms; cost of your goods; profit margins; bidding information; delivery or freight terms; non-public statistical data; production quotas; sales territories; customer information; marketing policies; or a joint decision to buy from or sell to another competitor.
It is an honor to speak at this AWMI event and address how we can gain better market visibility and establish reliable standards so that we, as an industry, are selling steel and metal resources in a more profitable way.