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AzADArizona Association of the Deaf
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I read in the Gulistan, or Flower Garden, of Sheik Sadi of Shiraz, that "they asked a wise man, saying: Of the many celebrated trees which the Most High God has created lofty and umbrageous, they call none azad, or free, excepting the cypress, which bears no fruit; what mystery is there in this?
When these 'suitable' people become members of the Assembly, out of them the one which is more 'capable' of protecting interests of Pakistan is selected as the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir.
Ashraf Azad is also accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Now her father Abdul Azad, 54, and 28-year-old brother Ashraf Azad have appeared in court.
Back here in India, soon after the Jaswant Singh controversy over Jinnah broke, the 'Kashmir Times' of Jammu reprinted an interview that Jagannath Azad gave a local journalist, Luv Puri, just before he died in 2004.
MUZAFFARABAD -- Strict security measures have adopted in Azad Kashmir to avoid any untoward incident during Muharam-ul-Haram including fixing of closed circuit cameras at sensitive places and checking on the entry points to Azad Kashmir besides security beef up at Imambargahs.
Leak e- mails Azad had tweeted that the leak of British politician Keith Vaz,s e- mails was an inside job against Sushma Swaraj.
Overall situation in Azad Jammu & Kashmir was discussed during the meeting.
Azad University team beat Varamin Municipality team in the context of the fourth round of championships of the Asian Taekwondo clubs.
Speaking on the occasion, Azad said that friendship between India and Switzerland goes as back as Independence of India, strongly rooted as it is in shared values of multi-culturalism, democracy and rule of law.
Azad plans to kick off a nationwide tour following the release of his mixtape, "The Time is Right" in September.
However, the callous conman pocketed her money then he vanished, leaving horrified Azad to refund Dhs45,000 to the furious bride.