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AZAPOAzanian Peoples Organisation
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Errors in analysis of international law (or of any law for that matter) are only found in exceptional cases, and the decision in AZAPO may be the only prominent example.
As he told the AZAPO convention, `Socialism is the process through which liberation is won.
Azapo would blast the ANC for selling out the country to whites; the ANC would dismiss the BCM as a spent force and gloat over its ascendancy in political fortunes; the PAC would depict itself as the purest liberation movement and the true custodian of pan-Africanism.
Sydney Mafumadi, who is now a minister of Local Government, and Saths Cooper, a former leader of Azapo, were recorded saying that the two organisations:
That this was not necessarily true was perhaps most obviously shown by the actions of another political party that, together with the families of some prominent victims, took legal action in the AZAPO Case that amounted to a constitutional attack on the amnesty provisions of the TRC.
As Marx remarks, AZAPO defined blacks "as a 'race of workers,' thereby collapsing the class category of workers into the racial category of blacks".
Reporters arriving in South Africa need a tip sheet to tell COSATU from FOSATU, CUSA from UWUSA, COSAS from NUSAS, MAWU from FAWU, AZAPO from AZASO from AZASM, ECC from DPSC from NECC from SACC--and the differences are usually important.
Azapo national publicity and information secretary Kedibone Molima maintains that the situation exists in South Africa where even the tinkering with the restitution of land to its rightful owners in terms of the pussy-footing programme of the ANC government is not going anywhere at all.
Its kindred spirit, AZAPO (or the Azanian Peoples Organisation), managed just 0.
Azapo members disrupted Senator Edward Kennedy's South African tour, and some of its members have clashed bitterly with U.
The incidents show we are weak as and should start acting together and stop being cry babies against abuses," said the president of AZAPO, Mosibudu Mangema.