AZEFArid Zone Ecology Forum (environmental preservation group; South Africa)
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Bitter squabbles among party leaders in late 1908 and especially the unmasking of Azef as a police spy in early 1909 caused the Socialist-Revolutionaries--the main perpetrators of political terror in Russia--to disintegrate as a party.
Butterworth's account ends with the famous unmasking of Azef, the role of Father Gapon in the 1905 Russian Revolution, the curiously kid gloves treatment of the Bolsheviks by antebellum Tsarist authorities and their love-bombing by the Germans during the Great War itself.
7) The assassination was carried out by the Battle Organisation, the terrorist wing of the Social Revolutionists, and was approved by Evno Azef, who was both head of the Battle Organisation and a secret agent of the police.