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AZELAzimuth and Elevation
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Our first encounter with Azel gives us a glimpse of precarious life conditions in Morocco where poverty and unemployment abound; where college graduates cannot find jobs; and where the country's dysfunctional system makes desperate young men easy prey to the seductive discourse of Islamist recruiters.
Homesick, Azel writes letters to his country, wanders the streets of those who "don't see us," and disdains Moroccans like him who "don't like themselves, yet show their vulnerability by flying into rages at the slightest criticism of their country.
That would have brought into the reckoning like Meenala Amy, who won the Oaks, and Bomber Blue, Elderberry Azel, etc.
Here see especially Azel Schildt, Detlef Siegfried, and Karl Christian Lammers (eds.
Ere's Enry and Ubert, and Amid and Orate, and Arry and Ilda and Azel.
George Azel Obah, originally from Nigeria, was working as a kitchen porter in Park House Hotel, Forster Street, Galway, under a false name.
Then there is H azel Jennings as the Princess, and a large company of artists set amid a show staged with all the lavishness and delight in spectacle that is characteristic of Tom Arnold pantomimes.
He was assisted in completing this transaction by associates Enrico Bentivegna, Juan Azel, Dana Gryniuk and Ben Wolkov.
Le premier a la sortie d'Ain Azel, le deuxieme devant la banque AGB au centre-ville d'El Eulma.
The Azel Pharmaceutical Factory which was established in Keren 10 years back is covering 30 to 35 percent of the nation s domestic medicine demand, and that it has been making significant contribution in reducing the amount of medicines being imported from abroad, stated Mr.
The event, to take place at Fajardo's El Conquistador Hotel & Casino, will feature Larry Luxner, editor of CubaNews, on a panel with Ted Piccone of the Brookings Institution and the University of Miami's Jose Azel discussing "Reform and Change in the Cuban Economy.