B1BBoundary-Corrected First Born (for scattering)
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Meanwhile the B1B has become, though notthe cost-effective bomber the country needs, a bargain compared to Stealth.
The seats are currently in use on F-15, F-16, B1B, B-2, F-117 and A-10 aircraft.
All of these new design wins were for systems, including a new flight computer for a small unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV) using SBS' new small form factor computer system, a B1B bomber graphics upgrade that includes an SBS high performance graphics solution with a dual PowerPC(R) single board computer, and an E6B aircraft communications system upgrade.
In three major avionics design wins for INTEGRITY that Green Hills has announced recently--Boeing's C-17 jet planes, the Boeing B1B, and the Rockwell Collins Avionics System for the Sikorsky S-92--Ada is evidently very much part of these flight-critical applications.