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B2CBusiness to Consumer
B2CBusiness to Customer
B2CBusiness to Client
B2CBack to Consulting
B2CBuilt to Change (company building; e-commerce)
B2CBack to Cycles (economic)
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Another country with rapid B2C E-Commerce growth is Azerbaijan, according to yStats.
Venezuela and Ecuador lag behind these countries in terms of B2C E-Commerce sales.
While enhancing the customer experience is seen as a key contributor to success for both groups, B2C organizations are more advanced at delivering customer-centric commerce.
The Asian region is developed very differently regarding Internet usage and B2C E-Commerce.
Sarah told Business Post the scheme got off to a slow start as she and the eight-strong B2C team engaged with industry.
I believe that the potential for growth of B2B is there because the whole model is built on a more fundamental benefit to the industry and those involved than we see on the B2C side.
Given the higher probability of the latter scenario, B2C dot-coms with weaker brands and markets will become adjuncts to or replacements for traditional enterprises' internal B2C e-commerce development initiatives.
The report "Global Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2014" emphasizes the potential for increased growth that stems from developments in cross-border shopping.
Chinese B2C E-Commerce driven by Luxury Goods and Social Commerce
This publication highlights the significant growth witnessed by the Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce market in the past years and reports on the differences and similarities between the countries.
com/research/qlpgtl/asia_b2c) has announced the addition of the "Asia B2C E-Commerce Report" report to their offering.
com)-- The Asia-Pacific Region will outpace North America in B2C E-Commerce