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B2EBusiness to Employee
B2EBusiness to Enterprise
B2EBorn to Entertain (documentary)
B2EBusiness to Education
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B2E, B2B, B2S and B2C portals are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of the virtual enterprise and are delivering on the promise of information utopia.
The straight-talking foreword, introduction and first chapter allowed me to understand the goals and objective of the B2E theory - that the corporate face needed to change from being an autonomous, disconnected society into being a community emphasising communication between the Thousand Tribes and using the tool of the Internet to do this.
The B2E transformation posed some unique challenges in Canada, she adds, particularly in the area of filing expense reports online, since tax and expense claim rules vary across the country.
These technologies are often built into a B2E portal system enabling the organization to leverage tacit intellectual capital across the enterprise.
Kony Mobile App Manager, a versatile mobile application management (MAM) offering that eases the IT management workload and improves security for B2E deployments.
We have the broadest, deepest, most future-proof platform on the market, and the only platform with complete support for both B2C and B2E implementations from a single codebase.
Mobile enterprise applications, also called mobile B2E applications, include dashboard apps, work flow approval apps, and line-of-business applications for both the smartphone and tablet.