B2SBBusiness to Small Business
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Most recently, Lavaste served as Vice President of Marketing for B2SB Technologies, where he was in charge of product marketing, marketing communications, research, channel marketing and public relations.
The first integrated and customizable eBusiness solution for small business service providers (SBSPs) was launched today by B2SB Technologies Corp.
Until now small business owners have been forced to choose between high-priced custom-built offerings and lower priced stand-alone solutions -- often loosely knitted together -- that only partially address their needs because they do not deliver against companies' core objectives for bringing in new business," said Scott Garell, chief executive officer of B2SB Technologies.
Prior to joining Trapezo, he was with SmartAge, now B2SB Technologies, and BackWeb Technologies as vice president of worldwide marketing.
SAN FRANCISCO) B2SB Technologies Completes the Acquisition of eMail
MATT COBB OF B2SB TECHNOLOGIES - Matt Cobb, founder/chief executive officer of MarketingTeam, joins B2SB Technologies as director of eMarketing.