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In addition to Schedule, the B2W Software ONE Platform includes elements for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, plus equipment maintenance.
This year, B2W began implementing a re-engineered network design, based on a model developed in collaboration with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL).
The company said the B2W ONE platform is an innovative software suite for the construction industry.
Based on the requirements of the B2W Operation Technologies Department, the Artezio team implemented new functions to the web applications for the B2W Maintain application used to manage the maintenance of construction equipment (including Warranty, Inventory, Purchasing, Dashboard and Schedule View features) and worked on two new projects (the B2W Inform and Schedule applications).
B2W Software's Maintain, an enterprise-class construction software for transportation, water, sewer, petroleum, power and telecommunications industries that minimizes unplanned equipment downtime and optimizes production.
B2W Digital operates through a digital platform, with businesses that present a strong synergy and a unique model, multichannel, multibrand and multibusiness.
To address these issues, the Brazilian government has invested in air and shipping ports to shore up infrastructure gaps while retailers such as B2W and Wal-Mart are building dedicated online warehouses to get products to customers faster.
B2W tested 55 of the government's top sites and found that more than half had 100 errors and 10 had more than 500.
Ken Howells Geoscience, 27 John Cross Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 1X1, Canada
Brazilian B2C E-Commerce retailer B2W incurred strong losses during the twelve months leading up to March 2012 due to delayed deliveries.
Tabela 7 Ranking do setor Consumo Ciclico Empresas 2010 2011 Escore Posicao Escore Posicao Lojas Renner 1,2806 37 1,0748 46 Lojas Americanas 1,1677 44 1,0745 47 Magazine Luiza 0 52 0 52 B2W Digital 0 52 0 52 Cia Hering 0 52 0 52 Total do Grau de Evidenciacao Ambiental Empresas 2012 2013 Escore Posicao Escore Posicao Lojas Renner 1,9484 26 3,1769 8 Lojas Americanas 1,1581 49 0 48 Magazine Luiza 1,2215 48 0 48 B2W Digital 0 55 0 48 Cia Hering 0 55 0 48 Total do Grau de Evidenciacao 12,10 Ambiental Empresas Ranking Ranking final setor Posicao Posiccao Lojas Renner 27 1 Lojas Americanas 57 2 Magazine Luiza 63 3 B2W Digital 68 4 Cia Hering 68 4 Total do Grau de Evidenciacao Ambiental Fonte: Dados da pesquisa.
The firm is B2W Software and the products are contained in software that civil construction firms use to estimate and bid on contracts, schedule the work, monitor work in the field and keep track of the need to maintain the equipment.