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B2BBusiness to Business
B2BBusiness 2 Business
B2BBack to Basics
B2BBack to Back
B2BBay to Breakers (annual footrace; San Francisco, CA)
B2BBack to Business
B2BBuffer to Buffer
B2BBus to Bus
B2BBack to Base
B2BBorder to Border
B2BBack to Banking
B2BBrother 2 Brother (greek gaming clan)
B2BBridges to Babylon (Rolling Stones album)
B2BBottle to Bottle (plastics recycling)
B2BBottom 2 Box (marketing metric)
B2BBack to Bankruptcies
B2B'Bout to Bounce (chat)
B2BBaptist 2 Baptist (Southern Baptist Convention)
B2BBoundary-Corrected Second Born (for scattering)
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The B2B site focuses on commercial specialty lines.
Already we're seeing some of the largest of the European companies such as BMW, Philips, KLM, Swissair, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom aggressively adopting B2B e-commerce," says Petra Gartzen, principal analyst for GartnerGroup's e-Business Services Europe.
More than half (63%) of B2B companies surveyed indicated that the solutions they seek most next year will revolve around marketing automation technology while only a small percentage of B2C marketers (15%) said they same.
The complementary geographic positioning will create an undisputed B2B software leader in Europe.
However, there are some problems: the rate of access to e-commerce for small and mid-sized enterprises is low; domestic B2B market is in the initial stage of development; scale effect of internet service is blocking the way to occupying market and obtaining benefits for new entrants.
By providing an appliance integration server that is pre-built with the software and hardware needed to support supply chain operations, Covast and Network Engines are lowering the barrier for smaller trading partners to integrate B2B applications with their large counterparts.
Ad page/revenue box scores and market share data on brick-and-mortar B2B books
The most user-hostile element of most B2B websites is the lack of pricing information.
The China e-Auto Hub will interoperate with GXS Trading Grid(SM) for B2B transactions with trading partners outside of China.
Powering the Product Lifecycle through Next Generation B2B Solutions," presented by Rory O'Neill, director of strategic partnerships, GXS;
Mosaic, which made significant investments in technology to be way ahead of its competition in serving clients' needs, chose GXS Managed Services to ensure seamless B2B communications between the company, its clients and the retailers who distribute their products.
As a part of the GXS Trading Grid platform, Managed Services offers the hosted infrastructure to conduct a global B2B program, including data translation, transaction management, systems administration and supplier performance reporting capabilities.