B4BBillionaires for Bush (political group)
B4BBusiness for Business
B4BBeanies for Baghdad (charitable organization)
B4BBlogging for Books (Joshilyn Jackson monthly writing contest)
B4BBang for Buck (Internet slang)
B4BBrothers 4 Brothers
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As a non-commercial event, B4B always works closely with our network of partners.
The B4B movement is centered around an annual industry-leading, non-commercial conference and exhibition featuring high-level keynotes, educational content, relationship building and dynamic exhibition space for nonprofit organizations.
Companies wanting more information can contact the Coventry B4B on 024 7665 4300.
Organiser of the event, vice- resident of B4B Mark Brotherston said: "It is equally inspiring for B4B members, who are all managers of business, to see the calibre of NI graduates, like the members of the Queen's Racing Team, who will be the business professionals of tomorrow in the manufacturing and Engineering Sectors.
Table B4B allows for secondary knock-on effects equivalent to 60 per cent of the initial wage bill shock (i.
The inaugural B4B China will be held July 15-16, 2015 in Shanghai.
CHECK: McGlynn "During the last three months more than pounds 100,000 worth of business has been arranged across the table at our two B4B meetings - that revenue would simply not have found its way to those people had they not networked for it," said Mrs McGlynn.
Andrew Vale, business area champion for Coventry B4B, said: "Every business we go to see is trying to save money sensibly and our cost reduction scheme is perfect for that.
Dave Carr, web developer for Coventry B4B, said: "This service has various benefits for businesses big and small.
Coventry B4B has printed leaflets in English, Slovak and Czech explaining the legal changes for the drivers, who will face a fine of up to pounds 70 if they ignore the restrictions.
The new venture is part of a pounds 10 million infrastructure project between Coventry B4B and Coventry City Council and will make the city the only place in the country to provide all its BID businesses with high speed internet.
Thanks to the support of SGSC, we are now able to make a big leap forward with B4B China by bringing together businesses, organisations and people together for bigger impact.