BAADBronx Academy of Arts and Dance (Bronx, NY)
BAADBritish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (UK)
BAADBusiness Architecture and Delivery (Flextronics)
BAADBend Agility Action Dogs
BAADBand Advance
BAADBases Accept, Acids Donate (mnemonic device)
BAADBlunt Abdominal Aortic Disruption
BAADBoston Access Advocates for the Deaf
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Resultats des analyses OLS sur la relation entre la structure du conseil d'administration et le lissage des benefices Variable dependante: Accruals discretionnaires Variables Pre- independantes diction Modele 1 Modele 2 Modele 3 Constante 0,005 -0,032 0,011 (1,13) (-0,85) (2,35) ** BAAD - -0,131 1,686 -0,125 (-7,02) *** (4,61) *** (-5,50) *** MF, t-1 ?
We are total foodies, we started off our partnership with our Fish Plaice pop-up in the east end during Commonwealth Games, then had our pop-up Tontine Lane, then A'Challtainn at BAAD.
PEAK PERFORMANCE 3 One of the musicians NOTE BAD 3 The kids from Raploch on stage WILD BUNCH J Kat's mystery roses J Pearl finds Rhona packing ON THE CASE BAAD IDEA?
The entrance canopy to KP Foods at Billingham, Teeside (architect Studio BAAD, structural engineer Techniker), is a wing-like glass canopy supported at each end by three glass panels, arranged in a Y-shape on plan to give support and lateral stability.
BAAD is the sister space of The Point CDC, which has contained a dance studio and 150seat black box theater since 1995.
RADICAL: Prison Governor Oevyind Alnaes Picture: JOHN FERGUSON; SCREWS LOOSE: Prisoners working on a farm shed; SOFT CELL: One of the accommodation blocks; BAAD GIRL: Ros in pen
TREACHEROUS: A truck makes a splash in Moray as area hit by floods; BAAD DAY: The Royal Highland Show suffered from weather outbreak