BAAHPBronx African American History Project (Fordham University)
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The BAAHP is a public history research and education initiative
The BAAHP began with a goal to find and preserve the largely
Dozens of oral histories in the BAAHP collection highlight the
The BAAHP makes an innovative contribution to the history of blacks
The BAAHP also discovered that African Americans' past in
formation, Lightfoot asserts that BAAHP oral histories reveal how West
From the oral histories the BAAHP has collected during this period, we see that West Indian migrants directly witnessed and were affected by the borough's socioeconomic decline but still insisted upon continuing their and their children's upward mobility.
An additional consideration about the BAAHP regarding the data we have collected thus far is that interviewees' access to this project has been circumscribed to some degree by the fact of its containment on a college campus with a previously ambivalent relationship to the surrounding Bronx community.
But this too, is not necessarily a feature of ethnic distinction, as this sentiment of self-determination despite racial subjectivity appears among the recollections of the BAAHP African-American interviewee group as well.
From the data the BAAHP has collected, clearly the retention of home island affinities, and the development of African-American sensibilities among Bronx West Indians have both informed their identity formation and socioeconomic advancement.
The BAAHP has done much to uncover both the borough's significance to New York City's black history, and West Indians' significance within that narrative.
69) See BAAHP with Gertrude Foster (February 13, 2007) and with Dennis Coleman (February 23, 2006).