BAAPBadger Army Ammunition Plant (Baraboo, WI, USA)
BAAPBritish Association of Academic Phoneticians
BAAPBuenos Aires Action Plan (Centre for European Policy Studies; Brussels, Belgium)
BAAPBritish Association of Audiovestibular Physicians (UK)
BAAPBulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers (est. 2004)
BAAPBalkan Alpe Adria Project (Vienna, Austria)
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Esta ultima alternativa parece una explicacion posible, se puede apoyar en el hecho de que las cinco BAAP encontradas en este estudio hayan expresado la produccion de AIA, dado que esta sustancia secretada por las BAAP puede ejercer un efecto estimulador del crecimiento sobre A platensis Al respecto, De-Bashan et al.
En relacion a la capacidad de las 5 BAAP para producir AIA, reportes previos indican que Exiguobacterium, Xanthomonas y Halomonas son generos para los cuales se ha reportado esta capacidad (Spaepen et al.
GIS implementation funding would be the single most significant factor driving the design of the BAAP GIS for the next five years.
Over the seven-year life of the system, the design of the BAAP GIS has been periodically modified so as to be flexible enough to respond to changing priorities, new projects, and new challenges in terms of the increased complexity of our user's needs and requirements.
The BAAP said that this scenario included detailed calculations by experts at the Agriculture Ministry in order to ensure a fair and objective decrease in subsidies for small, medium and big farms.
The BAAP also noted that no analysis had been provided by the Ministry or by professional organizations of the impact of the proposal for a EUR 300 000 annual ceiling on subsidies.
De las 1110 especies de mamiferos terrestres registradas en America del Sur (Wilson y Reeder, 2005), 264 se encuentran en el BAAP (Fonseca et al.
La misma, ubicada en el centro-sur de Misiones, puede considerarse representativa de los ambientes serranos del BAAP.
On the other hand side, we stress once again that subsidies are used due to the fact that agriculture is the riskiest sector and to some extent offset a fraction of what farmers put into their business," BAAP point out.
The BAAP leadership with representatives of Israeli agricultural producers' organizations, and the possibility for exporting Bulgarian grain to the Middle Eastern country was among the major business cooperation opportunities that were discussed.