BAAQMDBay Area Air Quality Management District
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In its advisory, BAAQMD noted that the formaldehyde emission factor may be estimated by the following equation: EF = 10 x FF + 1.
The next step is for the BAAQMD to conduct one or more public workshops to receive input and public comments on the proposal.
BAAQMD noted that the board is also seeking applicants for council categories that are currently filled in an effort to build up an applicant pool.
Ten years ago, [BAAQMD] issued 24 Spare the Air advisories in the summer of 1995," said BAAQMD executive officer Jack Broadbent.
BAAQMD noted that participants must send photos documenting their use of alternative transportation.
BAAQMD said it will also continue its light-duty motor vehicle retirement program, which offers owners a $650 incentive to scrap their 1985 and older model vehicles.
New cleaner burning power plants will allow the phase out of dirtier, less efficient power plants," said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the BAAQMD.
BAAQMD said the types of control technologies eligible for funding include the retrofit of existing engines with CARB-verified Level 3 diesel emission control strategies that reduce emissions of NOx, as well as particulate matter, and the purchase of new natural gas engines that achieve CARB's optional low-NOx standard.
BAAQMD will remain in the building as a tenant through 2015.
Until now, BAAQMD would only buy back vehicles older than 1981.