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BABABachelor of Arts in Business Administration (degree)
BABABritish Artist Blacksmiths Association
BABABay Area Bluegrass Association
BABABaltimore Area Boardsailing Association
BABABritish African Business Association
BABABay Area Bangladesh Association (San Jose, California)
BABABiomass And Biofuels Association
BABABelgian Afro Beat Association (Antwerp, Belgium)
BABABarbados Amateur Basketball Association (St Michael, Barbados, WI)
BABABest Arab Blog Awards
BABABirmingham Asian Business Association (Birmingham, UK)
BABABay Area Bonsai Associates (California)
BABABad-Ass Baseball Association (fantasy baseball league)
BABABig Apple BBQ Association
BABABay Artists Book Artists (California)
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Since his arrest last year, Baba had abandoned his bid for bail and had been remanded in custody.
He asked why that novel could not attract the praise it deserved and replied himself: 'Ali Baba was a man who could not manoeuvre to make money and attain fame.
The Dhuni of Baba Srichand at Rohri was one of the sacred places for Udasis.
Baba Virendra Dev Diskhit should be arrested immediately.
Professor Abdul Waheed Khan, chairman Pashto department who was also chief guest at the event said that at least six scholars had earlier completed their research thesis on various aspects of Hamza Baba but Kalim Shinwari did his research on different topic.
As a Qatari, it is a matter of pride for me to be part of the success story of Baba Chapatea, which is a completely homegrown Qatari brand.
Shankaracharya, who is known for his bitter opposition to Hindus worshipping Sai Baba, said he did not deserve to be worshipped at all.
The investigating agency had found a diary from the ashram containing details and contact numbers of five persons said to be the close associates of Baba.
No capitulo, a autora trata ainda de enquadramentos morais que parecem intensificar tais divergencias e negociacoes: as ideias, diferentemente concebidas por maes e babas, do que seja "uma boa mae", "uma mae de verdade", "uma boa baba", uma baba que e "como se fosse mae", e, ainda, "uma pessima baba".
It tells the story of how Ali Baba, played by Ashley Clifford, discovers a cave full of treasures after seeing 40 thieves enter the premises with the words "Open Sesame
Baba said: "I went to Pistorius's house and made calls to his house.
This beautiful collection of twenty-nine illustrated fairy tales lovingly portrays Baba Yaga.