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BABABachelor of Arts in Business Administration (degree)
BABABritish Artist Blacksmiths Association
BABABay Area Bluegrass Association
BABABaltimore Area Boardsailing Association
BABABritish African Business Association
BABABay Area Bangladesh Association (San Jose, California)
BABABiomass And Biofuels Association
BABABelgian Afro Beat Association (Antwerp, Belgium)
BABABarbados Amateur Basketball Association (St Michael, Barbados, WI)
BABABest Arab Blog Awards
BABABirmingham Asian Business Association (Birmingham, UK)
BABABay Area Bonsai Associates (California)
BABABad-Ass Baseball Association (fantasy baseball league)
BABABig Apple BBQ Association
BABABay Artists Book Artists (California)
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One morning, Baba Yaga and Stenka entered the herb garden where the witch grew the magical plants she used to make her powerful potions.
Ali Baba at the Talisman Theatre, Barrow Road, Kenilworth, runs from Saturday, December 20 to January 3 with performances starting at 7.
Baba Ramdev had made the controversial comment during a press conference in Lucknow on April 25.
Afrikaans speaking Baba said he saw Reeva arrive at the house alone in her car at 6pm on February 13.
I saw Mr Pistorius coming down with Reeva," Mr Baba said.
The twenty-nine which Forrester has included in the volume are meant to show how varied the character of a Baba Yaga can be and how she might have functioned in the belief systems of Russian villagers even into the twentieth-century.
Since 2001 Ali Baba brings culture and excitement to your taste buds
In a statement, UK Sport said it was "satisfied" with the agreement that "provides sufficient comfort that going forward BABA will be able and is committed to governing boxing's World Class Programme effectively to support the drive for further Olympic success in Rio.
Homs-based activists said there were "light clashes" in Baba Amr.
After a day of rest, Rohit led Armstrong to the cave of Pundiri Baba.
The president of the Red Cross said the decision to deny aid groups access to Baba Amr is "unacceptable".