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BABASBattalion Automated BAttle Simulation
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As solution to free her of the evil spirit, Baba Khan recommended performing exorcism, which included having sex with him besides an offering of ` 26 lakh.
250g plain flour 30g unrefined golden caster sugar 20g fresh yeast 100g butter, melted The seeds of 1 vanilla pod 4 large eggs, beaten lightly 1 tsp Maldon salt For the syrup: 100ml Barbados golden rum 150ml water 125g unrefined golden caster sugar The seeds of 1 vanilla pod For the pineapple salad: 1 pineapple 2 fresh limes A little unrefined golden caster sugar A splash of Barbados golden rum Star anise Freshly-ground black pepper 1 small red chili (optional) Extras: 1 small tub good-quality pistachio ice-cream (or home-made) 8 Baba or suitable dariole moulds A little extra flour and butter for greasing Method: First, make up the pineapple salad by peeling and finely dicing the pineapple flesh and popping it into a non-reactive bowl.
To serve, place a baba carefully in the centre of each bowl or plate, and spoon a little of the pineapple salad around.
He spent days interviewing babas and local Indians trying to locate someone fitting the description of an "ageless baba.
Armstrong noted that Pundiri baba looked no different from any of the other babas around Gangotri.
Armstrong explained that he had come from the US to conduct research on ageless babas.
There was no sign of pilgrims and very few babas were about.
Armstrong was in his hotel in Delhi, and had spent the past seven weeks writing up his trip to Chatrapur, describing his searches in the Himalayas for ageless babas, and his encounter with Pundiri baba.
Sal gesonde lae geboortemassa-babas, wat tussen 900 en 1600 gram weeg, 'n beter groeipatroon toon ten opsigte van hulle lengte, massa en skedelomtrek indien hulle moedersmelk, wat verryk is met moedersmelkverryker, nasogastries ontvang, in vergelyking met babas wat aan dieselfde kriteria voldoen, maar slegs moedersmelk nasogastries ontvang?
a) die groeipatroon (lengte, massa en skedelomtrek) van gesonde laegeboortemassa-babas (900-1600 gram) wat moedersmelkverryker nasogastries ontvang, te vergelyk met babas wat slegs moedersmelk nasogastries ontvang;
Gesonde lae geboortemassa-babas, wat tussen 900g en 1600g weeg en deur middel van buisvoeding met moedersmelk en moedersmelkverrykers gevoed word, sal 'n beduidende toename in groei (lengte, skedelomtrek en massa) toon in vergelyking met babas wat slegs moedersmelk nasogastries ontvang.
Hierdie groep babas is meestal prematuur en/of klein vir datum (Keet, Harrison en Shore, 1992:98).