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BABEBe Active, Be Emancipated (women's rights group; Croatia)
BABEBudi Aktivna Budi Emancipirana (Croatian: Be Active, Be Emancipated; women's rights group; Zagreb, Croatia)
BABEBeekeeping and Apis Biodiversity in Europe (EU)
BABEBanking Automation Bulletin for Europe (monthly publication)
BABEBeautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant
BABEBurst and Background Evaluation
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That little babe hath been gifted with a voice, to second and confirm the counsel which thou hast heard.
I can't imagine a babe doing a family wash with ANY soap," answered Rebecca; "but it must be true or they would never dare to print it, so don't let's bother.
As a babe he bit my breast and tore my hair; as the man is so was the babe.
With the death of the babe his fit of demoniacal rage passed as suddenly as it had seized him.
Then Robin took this sweet, pretty babe, clothed him all anew from top to toe in Lincoln green, and gave him a good stout bow, and so made him a member of the merry band.
The unmanly chuckle always came, I found, when the poor lady dropped her babe, but the whole thing entranced him; he tried to keep his excitement down by taking huge draughts of water; he forgot all his niceties of conduct; he sat in holy rapture with the toy between his paws, took it to bed with him, ate it in the night, and searched for it so longingly next day that I had to go out and buy him the man with the scythe.
A few nursing babes clung close to the shaggy necks of their savage mothers.
As the mother in catastrophe tries to gain her babe, as the Greek who, dying, remembered sweet Argos, as soldiers on a stricken field pass with the names of their women upon their lips, so Jerry, in this wreck of a world, yearned toward Skipper.
The babe bawled tremendously, protesting with great violence.
After Zeus had seduced Callisto, Lycaon, pretending not to know of the matter, entertained Zeus, as Hesiod says, and set before him on the table the babe which he had cut up.
But a shepherd found the babe and tended him, and delivered him to another shepherd who took him to his master, the King or Corinth.
Why, for over a year he was innocent as a babe himself, and bashful too," answered the old man.