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BABELBangka Belitung (Sumatra Provinche, Indonesia district)
BABELBay Area Bilingual Education League (Berkeley, CA)
BABELBroadcasting Across the Barriers of European Languages (initiative)
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The great symbol of architecture, Babel, is a hive.
The whole forest became suddenly a babel of hoarse screams and shrill shrieks.
From The High Tower its cool voice floated across the city of Manator and above the babel of human discords rising from the crowded mass that filled the seats of the stadium below.
As the three were making their way through the crowds of marketers, camels, donkeys, and horses that filled the market place with a confusing babel of sounds, Abdul plucked at Tarzan's sleeve.
The voices of its children are like the voices from the tower of Babel.
Babel says she took the split badly and struggled to get on with her stepfather, Patrick Vaughan, a public health professor who Pauline married when Sarah was 12.
Several detachments of Babel Police Command carried out raids and search operations at different areas of the province and successfully arrested 22 persons, wanted for various criminal and terrorism charges," the source said, Iraqi News reported.
But Netherlands international and former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel seemed to dig himself in a bigger hole by claiming having a conversation about football with a woman isn't the same as it is with a man.
I choose based on my feeling and not what other people think," Babel said, who switched loyalties from Turkey's Kasimpasa.
Richard Leinfellner, CEO of Babel, commented, “With new devices coming out all the time, we know how painful and costly it can be to ensure Apps are tested properly before going to market.
The first Babel restaurants, to be managed by Alshaya, are expected to open in Kuwait and the UAE, each with the distinctive design and architecture that characterises the brand, said a statement.
It will most likely have something as a part of Babel, but for now, it looks like WhatsApp won't be involved.