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BABSBed and Breakfast Site (directory)
BABSBritish Association of Barbershop Singers
BABSBuild a Better Society (various locations)
BABSBuilding a Better Scotland (UK government report)
BABSBlind Approach Beacon System
BABSBorn Again Bikers (UK)
BABSBlack Alloy Bastard Sword (Everquest gaming)
BABSBrinks' ATM Balancing System
BABSBase Automated Budget System
BABSBasso Accompagnamento Batteria Solista (Italian quartet, Bass, Rhythm, Drums, Lead)
BABSBritish Alpine Bred Society (UK)
BABSBoutique Accommodation Bandarawela Sri-Lanka (Sri-Lanka)
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There is a cat being thrusted into my face," Babs says in her camera interview with a serious expression.
But, after coming to our exercise classes, she found she could walk without stopping - and she was absolutely thrilled," said Babs.
The yields on BABs not only exceed those on traditional municipal bonds from the standpoint of tax-exempt investors, they also exceed the yields on Treasury securities: on average, 3.
Babs was born in Croydon, Surrey, and, after leaving school, went into service as a cook at a big house.
Mae rhai blynyddoedd ers i mi ymweld a Babs yn yr amgueddfa ym Mhentywyn, deg o leiaf, cyn i ni gael yr hogia yn sicr, a'r peth cyntaf a'm tarodd oedd cymaint oedd maint y car.
Babs was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday and all the family were most concerned that she was comfortable and not in pain during her last days among us.
AS a boy I always dreamt that Babs would work me up into a sweat, but this wasn't quite the Windsor Workout I had in mind.
Babs, 67, has been away from the soap for almost two years after falling victim to a virus that left her constantly exhausted.
Babs, 66, showed the world she's on the way back to full health after being hit by an energy-sapping virus.