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BABSBritish Association of Barbershop Singers
BABSBlind Approach Beacon System
BABSBorn Again Bikers (UK)
BABSBlack Alloy Bastard Sword (Everquest gaming)
BABSBrinks' ATM Balancing System
BABSBase Automated Budget System
BABSBritish Alpine Bred Society (UK)
BABSBasso Accompagnamento Batteria Solista (Italian quartet, Bass, Rhythm, Drums, Lead)
BABSBoutique Accommodation Bandarawela Sri-Lanka (Sri-Lanka)
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Mae rhai blynyddoedd ers i mi ymweld a Babs yn yr amgueddfa ym Mhentywyn, deg o leiaf, cyn i ni gael yr hogia yn sicr, a'r peth cyntaf a'm tarodd oedd cymaint oedd maint y car.
Babs described how one elderly, woman patient told her that she had to stop three times in the short walk of a few hundred yards from her home to nearby shops.
Babs now hosts a Radio 2 show and aims to do more to help pensioners after talks with PM David Cameron.
BABS is another example of our first-to-market approach to meet the needs expressed by our clients.
Babs was still living in her own home until she was 99 but is now at the Gables Care Home in Middlesbrough.
And Babs believes her state of mind was made worse by worries over her EastEnders future.
Babs winds Mogs and Dyl up a treat telling them she's got a job there.
Babs, who is married to actor Robert Powell, will take part in the gruelling 10-month round-the-world race as part of a 17-strong crew.
To attract taxable debt investors, BABs issued in the early months of the program were structured using features typically found in corporate bonds.
Born on 1st May 1913, Babs had lived through two world wars and much hardship.
For your chance to win, just tell me in which Carry On film did Babs lose her bra?
The rights to the BABS Discoveries technology will allow us to further develop enhanced cancer therapeutics for our pipeline," stated Charles N.