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BACASBath and Camerton Archaeological Society (UK)
BACASRoyal Belgian Academy Council of Applied Sciences
BACASBurial and Cremation Administration System
BACASBritish Academy of Composers and Songwriters
BACASBritish Airways Clubs Angling Society
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Hailed as the place to go by its clients, ranging from stay-at-home moms, retirees, corporate executives, to professional athletes from all over the United States, BACAS treats subscribing athletes in the NFL, NBA, PGA, Motorsports and Major League Fishing so they can perform and compete pain-free.
Videos of everyday patients' pain transition stories, as well as those of notable athletes such as NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, Major League Fishing's Professional Anglers Alton Jones, Tommy Biffle, and professional softball player Jason Magnum speak on the ways BACAS and the RESET program has helped them.
These actions will reduce current corporate overhead spending by approximately $1 million annually," commented Bacas.