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BAcCBritish Acupuncture Council
BACCBachelor of Accounting
BACCBroadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (UK)
BACCBrazilian American Chamber of Commerce
BACCBritish-American Chamber of Commerce
BACCBay Area Christian Church
BACCBilling And Customer Care
BACCBoric Acid Corrosion Control
BACCBroadband Access Center for Cable (Cisco)
BACCBudget and Accounting Classification Code
BACCBritish Association of Computer Clubs
BACCBusiness Application Competence Centre
BACCBay Area Cable Council
BACCBloomsburg Area Chamber of Commerce (Pennsylvania)
BACCBangkok Apartment Condo Co. (Thailand)
BACCBecoming A Contagious Christian
BACCBourgogne American Cars Club (Burgandy, France)
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The Onion Pub in Lake Barrington won the award for BACC Hospitality Member of the Year.
The BEIS said it had offered to add a line to the adverts stating that eggs should only be eaten as part of a varied diet--but claimed the BACC rejected this suggestion because it was contradictory to the ad's overall message.
The BACC is a public-private initiative of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, launched by regional civic and business leaders to accelerate the Bay Area clean energy economy through high-impact, market-oriented projects that can be replicated and scaled.
The BACC Economic Summit is open to the public; registration is required and seating is limited.
The BACC network allows Belzona to broaden its service offer and reach.
The community and the BACC membership is encouraged to cast their vote to select the top recipients by visiting www.
The BACC, which cleared the ads, said the blob was not shown attacking people and was not scary because it did not have human attributes.
Uisdean Maclean, director of the BACC, said it was being moved because viewers were worried it was scaring their children.
It's hardly X-rated stuff, but a BACC source tells me: "There is a high level of innuendo - not to mention the girls' revealing costumes.
The BACC is a public-private initiative launched by Bay Area civic and business leaders to accelerate the Bay Area clean energy economy.
The firm asked the BACC to impose a scheduling restriction to avoid broadcast around shows targeting children.
BACC chairman Sir Neville Trotter said: "This was a great opportunity to show the potential for North-East firms in the USA.