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BACNBattlefield Airborne Communications Node (US Air Force)
BACNBay Area Crisis Nursery (est. 1981; oncord, CA)
BACNBay Area Consciousness Network (California)
BACNBay Area Casting News (El Granada, CA)
BACNBuenos Aires Cultural Network (Spanish language school; Buenos Aires, Argentina)
BACNBusiness Advisory Centre Northumberland (Cobourg, ON, Canada)
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And as we talk more about Homeland Defense--the last thing about BACN, it also has a cell phone tower.
However, the BACN unit differs from other diamine groups in that it is a meta diamine.
We are delighted that the Air Force has once again selected a Bombardier aircraft to carry out their BACN mission, said Derek Gilmour, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Administration, Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace.
Northrop Grumman $156 million Contract for BACN US Air Force
Contract modification extends Northrop Grumman's operational support of the BACN payloads through June 2015
The company received first modifications contract valued $106 million for extending BACN service until next June and another for maintenance support of E-11A aircraft.