BACPABankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act
BACPABlockwise-Adaptive Chosen-Plaintext Attack (software)
BACPABaldwin Accounting Certified Public Accountant (Orlando, FL)
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While the interpretation is complicated by the decision of many Americans to file preemptively before the BACPA came into effect, the fact that filings have not risen above their level of the early 2000s despite the severe recession suggests that the reform has discouraged some households from firing.
The next section talks specifically about BACPA, along with the new practice of bankruptcy law and a case that defines the future of how attorneys can use bankruptcy filings as a tool in dealing with debt.
52) But even before BACPA, (53) a majority of courts found that third-party fees, including fees for attorneys who represented clients in marriage dissolution, fell under the ambit of [section] 523(a)(5).