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The BACPAC proposal establishes PAC coordinators to create networks of PAC providers to deliver clinically appropriate care in cost-effective settings.
BACPAC offers Congress a powerful opportunity to achieve significant savings through positive structural change rather than through higher beneficiary cost-sharing or further provider cuts," stated Eric Berger, CEO of the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare.
The BACPAC proposal bundles payments for PAC services in a manner designed to strengthen care coordination, improve patient outcomes, ensure patient choice, and achieve significant savings.
Under the BACPAC model, PAC coordinators and their networks of PAC providers manage a patient's care for up to 90 days, using site-neutral CRG bundled payments that are initiated on the day of the patient's discharge from the hospital.
As drafted, BACPAC will reduce overall Medicare spending for PAC services by four percent over the next 10 years -- all without reducing any provider's rates -- and distributes 100 percent of savings achieved beyond that level to the coordinator, discharging hospital, managing physician, and PAC providers who serve each patient.
The BACPAC model calls for PAC Coordinators and their networks of post-acute care providers to manage a patient care utilizing a 90-day, site-neutral bundled payment initiated on the day of patient discharge from the hospital.
The BACPAC model aims to significantly reduce hospital readmissions, which are a common cost-driver in the delivery of PAC.
Most importantly, BACPAC ensures patient choice when receiving PAC by ensuring beneficiaries and their families have the ability to choose their Coordinator and, therefore, their network of providers.
The BACPAC Act of 2014 represents positive Medicare reform that benefits patients, providers and taxpayer alike.